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The Ownership Economy: How Web3 will change the Game for Business and Finance – Taylor Ryan, General Manager of Layer Three Ventures & CEO at Klint – Podcast

Welcome to the ownership economy where you will be able to capitalize on your existing digital assets in previously unimaginable ways!

Web 3 continues to be the talk of the town as more clarity emerges on how this technological revolution will reshape the way we use and think about the internet.   As decentralized models for interaction and transaction between parties continue to take hold, visionaries and innovators are developing the services of the future that will allow us to capitalize our assets in dynamic and exciting new ways.  Have some money lying around? sure, you can buy a crypto asset and hold it in your wallet in the hope that it gains value, but through Web3 decentralized finance protocols, you will have the option to place that asset on a liquidity pool, a yield farm or a whole range of brand new exciting services that will change the dynamics of personal and business finance.

In this highly upbeat conversation wtih 6 time crypto and blockchain startup founder and General Manger of Layer Three Ventures Taylor Ryan we go on a exciting rollercoaster ride of what the near term future of payments, money transfer and interaction between people will look like. Learn more about how decentralization will impact ownership of assets, and organizations and how users will finally be rewarded for investing time, attention and data, their most valuable assets, in the development of online platforms.

Web3 offers so much potential that it is set up to become a component as essential to every business model as the internet is today.

Stian Faber
Stian Faber
Stian is founding partner of NFM and acts as Head of Partnerships.

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