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Ep.74 Mind of a Corporate, Heart of a Startup, How Aiia Mastercard is helping Fintechs Thrive – Tanya Slavova, Head of Fintech Sales, Open Banking at Aiia Mastercard – Podcast

The disruption of Finance has come in waves. Incumbents have moved from confidently ignoring the attempts of fintechs to transform the industry, to fearing death by a thousand cuts, to embracing the innovation and speed to market that many challengers and innovators bring to play. It is now clear, in a way that was not a few short years ago, that the synergies between incumbents and fintech startups are producing amazing win-win-win situations at unprecedented speeds.

A company that has fully embraced the transformative power of fintech entrepreneurs is Mastercard, who not only has demonstrated its commitment to innovation through their recent acquisition of Danish Open Banking Front runner Aiia,  but that today continues to empower fintech startups by making open banking rails available to them. We had a wonderful opportunity to sit down with Tanya Slavova, Head of Fintech Sales, Open banking at Aiia, a Mastercard company where we got to discuss how the marriage of open banking and payments is resulting in services and never-before seen convenience to fintechs and their customers. Learn how Mastercard is equipping fintechs with technology, scale and reach and how it supports entrepreneurship through programs that nourish and elevate many of the extraordinary fintech heroes leaving their mark in the Nordics today.

Stian Faber
Stian Faber
Stian is founding partner of NFM and acts as Head of Partnerships.

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