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Ep. 52 The Norwegian App that Rewards Users for Paying their Bills on Time – Elin Antonsen, COO at Bill Kill – Podcast

We all hate penalties, most of us are familiar with that stomach turning feeling of impotence that strikes us when when we are hit with one. Yet, cynical critics may say that penalties exist as an integral part of the business models of many companies behind our bills and invoices.  60% of our monthly income goes into paying bills and invoices an activity that torments 100% of adults. Seems like a widespread problem in search for a solution with a significant addressable market. Enter Bill Kill, the Norwegian app that rewards users to pay their bills on time! Have we got your attention yet?

We recently had a sit down chat with Elin Antonsen Bill Kill’s COO, to learn more about how this nifty fintech solution not only enables users to pay bills with the credit card of their choice, helping them to accrue points, miles and other rewards offered by many credit card providers,  but also minimising those nasty penalties by helping customers pay their bills on time. Rooted in a deep understanding of human psychology and aiming to counter the behavioural downsides of effects like the pain-of-paying, Bill Kill rewards its users for paying on time by gamifying the entire payment experience and rewarding them with points, redeemable for discounts and other perks. Learn more about how this innovative company is getting rid of the penalty problem for good!


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