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Ep. 53 The Feedback and Collaboration tool that Improves Relationships between Corporates and Banks. – Claus Nielsen, CCO & Co-founder at Buying Teams

Effective communication between corporates and their banks is essential as it enables banks to fine tune their service approach to businesses  and enables businesses to communicate their requirements. However as we all know the day to day work invariably gets in the way and the urgent often displaces the ideal.  A group of experienced bankers who have suffered at the hands of poor communication and less than optimal feedback loops with their business customers, have set out to solve the problem of expensive, ineffective survey reports between corporates and their banks.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Claus Nielsen, CCO and Co-Founder of Buying teams, a fintech that has set out to build a solution that replaces inactionable and invalid survey data for actionable feedback and business intelligence for sound and impactful decision making. Buying Teams highly specialised solution is leveraging technology to bring a degree of scalability and insight that’s been lacking in the relationship between corporates and their banks. Find out how this group of banking veterans are bringing their years of experience to bear, while solving a problem, that they as they well know, has long been asking for a solution.


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