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Ep. 56 Making it Last: The Circular Economy Fintech Enabling Product Subscriptions and Renewals – Hendrik Roosna, Founder of Fairown – Podcast

To date, we’ve had the privilege of siting down with over 70 dreamers who are bringing to life the financial system of the future. While we have learnt and been excited by every single one of their visions, today’s guest has not only managed to inspire us but it has also amazed us with the sophistication of his thinking and the profound impact of his solution. Meet Fairown, the Estonian fintech that is rethinking the financial model behind the lifecycles of the things we buy, from manufacturing all the way down to disposal. 

In this jawdropingly interesting chat with Hendrik Roosna, CEO and Founder of Fairown, we learn how through a clever combination of the subscription economy and advanced finance and tech capabilities, Fairown is making circularity a practical reality in markets around the world. And what is circularity you may be asking. Well think of how we usually consume products; 95% of all the energy required in the lifecycle of a product is consumed in its production. Yet after obsolecense, products are disposed of and forgotten, including all their metal, silicon chips and other components that could be reused. Fairown is powering the finances that let manufacturers bend this linear economy into a closed loop circle where there is no waste and where nothing drops out. And what about profits we hear you say. Well this approach also builds healthy P&Ls by helping manufacturers effectively predict and plan for product and component lifecycles including the use, retirement and repurposing of every part of their products. This interview is worth every minute of your time. 

Stian Faber
Stian Faber
Stian is founding partner of NFM and acts as Head of Partnerships.

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