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Financial Optimization: The Fintech Solution Businesses Don’t Know Can Significantly Impact their Bottomline – Podcast

Recent high inflation and short term remedial monetary policies have left many companies gasping for air, so today Financial Optimization, is not just a nice idea to explore but it may actually become a matter of survival.

In keeping with our recent theme of Financial Optimization, we spoke to Mads Brix, Head of Communication and Branding at Crediwire.

In this interview we discus the challenges of bringing a product to market that many companies don’t realise they need, until they are able to experience the benefits to their bottom line. We also touch upon the need for Financial Optimization for businesses and the essential role that communication and branding plays in articulating a narrative that makes business owners and investors aware of the transformative potential financial optimisation can have for business cashflows

Chris Crespo
Chris Crespo
Chris is a Founding Partner and Chief Editor at Nordic Fintech Magazine, where he simplifies complex financial ideas into easy-to-understand content. With nearly 20 years of experience in management consulting and financial services, including leadership roles with some of Europe's largest banks, he offers profound industry insights. Previously serving as the Chief Futurist at the largest bank in the Nordics, Chris has sharp views on the Future of Financial Services, Money, Disruption, and Ethical AI in Finance. He is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University, Singularity University and Copenhagen Business School, where he frequently discusses the future of Money, Finance, and Entrepreneurship in Financial Services. As a Behavioral Economist, Chris is passionate about studying how human behavior and decision-making relate to risk. He also delves into the connections between psychology, leadership, and technology within financial services.

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