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Ep.73 Making Money While Saving The Planet: The Company Creating Nature Backed Tokenized Economies – Merit Valdsalu, CEO & Co-Founder of Single.Earth

Prepare to have your mind blown away

This has been the most exciting and lively interview we have done to date. but we have to be honest here, this concept is a little bit hard to grasp, or at least it was for us at first , but don’t let that discourage you , this is one of the most daring and exciting innovations we’ve seen, and the potential application for this idea is huge.

In our recent trip to Estonia, we were lucky enough to have a sit down with Merit Valdsalu, CEO and Co-Founder of Single Earth, an Estonian company that has found an ingenious way of incentivising landowners to preserve their land and natural resources. In this chat you’ll hear how Merit and her team of researchers are merging digital twins, economics and innovative business models  to create the first nature backed token, a coin that aptly shares the name of its founder. Through Merits, Single.Earth is creating a market that enables people to buy tokens attached to the land. These tokens are in essence a digital tradeable asset, that not only directly benefit landowners but that, like any other asset, can increase in value in the open market. Is your mind about to ignite?  Yes we thought so.


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