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Ep. 65 The Business Verification and Monitoring Regtech from Estonia – Julia Ront CEO & Co-Founder of Vespia – Podcast

Digitalistaion of businesses has made things more convenient for consumers but has come with its own set of new challenges. Problems arising from the “non-phisical” nature of many new businesses has led to instances of fraud, crime and other illegal activities perpetrated by organizations that hide behind the relative anonymity of the digital world.

Enter Vespia, the regtech company from Estonia proposing an innovative solution to keep businesses in check. We recently had a fascinating conversation with Julia Ront, their CEO and Co-founder whose ambitions are not limited by the sky. Julia who was an early core team member of Veriff and identity verification unicorn from Estonia and Anton, her Co-founder are bringing all their experience in people’s digital verification to bear into their innovative solution for business. Learn how Vespia’s pre-verified and up to date passport for businesses, not only promises to solve the issue validating the legitimacy of companies, but also their ongoing monitoring process; all while making onboarding for partners, investors, suppliers, or customers fast and cost efficient. 

You’ll be blown away by the boldness of Julia’s vision and her resolve to make business interactions safe and trusted. 


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