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Early in Tech Seedfunding from Iceland, a Mighty Nordic Innovator – Helga Valfells, CoFounder of Crowberry Capital – Podcast

??“We are the geographical midpoint between the Nordics and North America so we combine the go getter attitude of the US and Nordic values“ ?

Brace yourselves! If you’ve never heard about the mightily innovative fintech scene in Iceland ??, that’s about to change.

Because of its geographical position Iceland presents a unique and unequivocal mix of entrepreneurship and creativity, masterfully wielded to disrupt the status quo across all industries. A land that has historically relied on its own ingenuity to develop its industry and economy, Iceland combines the drive and resourcefulness often seen in North America, with Nordic Values such as collaboration and equality, a mix that is resulting in some remarkable innovation across fintech.

In this thought provoking interview with Helga Valfells, CoFounder of Crowberry Capital, the early in tech Icelandic fund that focuses on identifying and investing in nascent tech trends, we hear what makes the Icelandic startup ecosystem unique and how its perfect balance of homegrown capabilities and culture is propelling this small nation into Fintech stardom. In this interview you’ll learn more about the Icelandic Idiosyncrasy, its approach to disruption, equality of opportunity and its exciting trends on the rise. This conversation is bound to get you fired up and ready to change your future travel plans.

Stian Faber
Stian Faber
Stian is founding partner of NFM and acts as Head of Partnerships.

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