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Connecting Profitable Companies with Ordinary Investors – Jørund Gjesvik – Managing Director at FundingPartner Norway – Podcast

Saying that digitalisation has revolutionised financial services is to state the obvious. What’s not so obvious however, is that much has changed about how Financial Institutions have gone about digitalising their services. In hindsight we can see that automating away customer interactions, replacing them with bots and online forms has optimised operations at the expense of distancing customers from their financial service providers.

After an initial wave of “exploratory” digitalisation the industry has gained tremendous insights that are enabling a next generation of financial services to come to market with technology powered business models that offer new solutions to old and persistent problems. FundingPartner, a fintech that is tackling the problem of dwindling funding for SMEs, is using technology in refreshing new ways to service this traditionally underserved market.

We recently had an enlightening conversation with Jorund Gjesvik, Managing Director of FundingPartner Norway, where he shared how the company is cleverly using technology to automate what customers don’t see, freeing up resources for the meaningful customer interactions that foster trust, loyalty and closer relationships. Learn how FundingPartner’s widespread use of technology has also found profitability in a business model that until recently was not commercially viable and how with a unique mindset, its team is improving the playing field for SMEs across the Nordics. We are certain you will enjoy learning from Jørund’s vision as much as we did while speaking to him.

Stian Faber
Stian Faber
Stian is founding partner of NFM and acts as Head of Partnerships.

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