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Bottling the Magic: Making Fintech Applications that Customers Love – Sverrir Hreiðarsson , Head of Fintech at Kvika (Aur) – Podcast

How do you reach 1/3 of your addressable local market in 7 years?

Aur, the Icelandic peer to peer and online payment solution has managed to do just that with the characteristic mix of elegance, simplicity and powerful functionality that consistently sets Nordic innovation aside. 

One of the most consistent findings that we hear from entrepreneurs and startup founders is that if you want people to adopt your product, you need to make it as simple and frictionless as possible. Aur, which was recently acquired by Reykjavik headquartered Kvika bank has not only captured 1/3 of the Icelandic market with its smooth-as-butter payment experience, but it’s done so leveraging the power of networks, where one in five users are referred by other users.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sverrir Hreiðarsson, Head of Fintech at Kvika to talk about how new payment solutions that are able to offer security, ease of use and convenience to customers, can experience exponential adoption amongst its user base. Learn how Aur has established itself a the go to solution for peer to peer payments via mobile phone number, amongst users and how through the introduction of Buy Now Pay Later services with a twist it continues to delight users who are not only able to gain access to interest free instalment payments, but that can also access better prices on physical stores as consumers avoid paying with credit. This is another great example of Nordic innovation setting new standards of how finance could be done, without riddling customers with complexity.

Stian Faber
Stian Faber
Stian is founding partner of NFM and acts as Head of Partnerships.

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