Friday, June 9, 2023
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Web 3, Dapps and the Future of Everything – Podcast

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It seems that no matter how fast we catch onto the latest trends in Technology and Finance,  the intervals on which we have to bring ourselves back up to speed are getting shorter and shorter. Today’s episode explores one of the latest buzz words, which unless you are very much into tech, you probably haven’t heard of yet, but very soon, that’s about to change.

In this episode Futurist Chris Crespo discusses Decentralized Apps or Dapps, Web 3 and how this will form the blueprint for the future of everything including financial services. Find out more about how decentralization will replace the underlying mechanisms of practically every process that makes use of the internet and how financial institutions are already taking advantage of this to make financial services accessible to more people. Could we be witnessing the next stage in the battle of ideologies that will face off for control over future financial and monetary systems?

Stian Faber
Stian Faber
Stian is founding partner of NFM and acts as Head of Partnerships.

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