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Breaking the Ice: The Growing Adoption of Crypto in the Nordics: Mads Ribe – EY & Anders Helseth K33

In our latest interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with Mads Ribe and Anders Helseth, two leading experts on cryptocurrency adoption in the Nordic region. Mads Ribe, an Associate Partner at EY Law in Norway, oversees both the digital assets and AI practices and brings a wealth of experience since joining EY in 2017. Anders Helseth, the head of research at K33, leads their crypto research division and has deep insights into the market dynamics of digital currencies. Together, they discussed the findings from their recent collaborative survey with EY and K33 on crypto adoption across the Nordic countries. The study reveals intriguing patterns of cryptocurrency ownership, with a notable gender gap and varying levels of engagement among different age groups. As we explore the deeper nuances of regional adoption rates and the implications for future market developments, their insights provide a valuable perspective on the evolving landscape of digital currencies in the Nordics. This is a must for anyone interested in Crypto, Crypto Regulation, and the Future of Digital Currencies in the Nordics and beyond.

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