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Ep.71 Staying ahead of Criminals, Smart Tech to Fight Financial Crime – Taavi Tamkivi, Founder & CEO of Salv

The digitalisation of financial services has excited us all. Even those outside the industry see the benefits of accessing more convenient ways of paying, more immediate access and transfer of money and more intuitive solutions for investment. Yet we seldom think about the darker side of finance, the criminals looming in the dark constantly looking for ways to game the system for fraudulent and illegal purposes, who in many cases, are also benefiting from digitalisation.

The transformation of our industry brings with it a whole new set of challenges for financial crime fighting professionals, regulators and institutions. We had a fascinatingly interesting chat with Taavi Tamkivi, CEO and Founder at Salv, an Estonian company that is intent in developing the tools and cross industry workflows across bodies and jurisdictions to stay one step ahead of criminals. Find out what Salv is doing to make financial services more secure while making it more difficult and expensive for criminals to operate and finance the activities that harm and affect us all. Proof, once again, that not all heroes wear capes.

Stian Faber
Stian Faber
Stian is founding partner of NFM and acts as Head of Partnerships.

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