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Disrupting Debt Funding through Technology – Elin Bäcklund, CTO at ArK Kapital

We are only scraping the surface of what technology can do to completely overhaul industries. Funding for startups has traditionally lacked innovation, but new disruptors in this space are combining the power of data and technology to radically improve precision and transparency in debt funding for companies that are changing the world.

We had a wonderful opportunity to chat to Elin Bäcklund, Forbes 30 under 30 and CTO at ArK Kapital to find out what it is that attracts her about working in tech. In this interview we discuss the enormous possibilities that lay ahead for companies able to mash up strong technology capabilities and deep subject matter expertise, the rewards and challenges of building an AI platform from scratch and the importance of having women and men working alongside in tech teams. Elin also talks about her passion of getting more women into tech roles, and why she recommends women to hold off managerial positions for a while in favour of longer tenures in deep tech. Elin’s enthusiasm and conviction will leave you excited about tech and maybe even questioning your career choice.

Stian Faber
Stian Faber
Stian is founding partner of NFM and acts as Head of Partnerships.

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