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Heap becomes part of Topdanmark

The digital insurance intermediary Heap is now part of Topdanmark. There is great potential in connecting Heap on Topdanmark’s platforms, and at the same time the acquisition contributes to the company’s strategy of upscaling the digitalisation of customer experiences and products.

It is a little over two years ago that the digital startup Heap was founded by Topdanmark Livsforsikring A / S and Heap Holding ApS, and then the digital solution was developed as a collaboration between Topdanmark, Rainmaking and Heap’s three co-founders. 

The company is an insurance intermediary for a number of Topdanmark’s life insurance and pension products for the self-employed, freelancers and employees in small companies.

Now the flexible solutions need  to be further strengthened and expanded.

This will be done by Topdanmark Livsforsikring A / S taking over all shares in Heap A / S on 1 April, at the same time as the digital insurance intermediary will be integrated into the Topdanmark Group, as there is, among other things, great potential in utilizing several distribution channels.

“There are gains for both parties. In addition to Topdanmark being able to help Heap ensure the right conditions for further development and accelerated growth, the acquisition can also strengthen the digital customer experience throughout Topdanmark, ”says Vivian Byrholt, Executive Vice President and CEO of Topdanmark Livsforsikring.

The same message comes from Jeppe Winther Christensen, co-founder of Heap.

“We have always worked closely with Topdanmark, and with the sale we can accelerate the development even more with access to completely new distribution channels in the Topdanmark Group. I am sure that it is an agreement that both parties will be happy with, ”says Jeppe Winther Christensen.

“I am proud that in two years we in Heap have created a new, innovative and fast-growing solution for arranging pensions, which has addressed some of the industry’s most central issues that have kept thousands of Danes from starting a pension. . The customers have started themselves and now manage their pension in Topdanmark from their mobile phone or laptop, “he says.

Over the past two years, Heap has built up a customer base of 1,300 customers in Topdanmark, which has a total of DKK 150 million. kroner in pension savings. Existing customers will not be affected by the change of ownership, and employees employed by Heap will continue the growth journey in the Topdanmark Group.

In line with Digital First strategy
Being able to offer the market-leading digital and individualized customer experience is a central part of Topdanmark’s Digital First strategy, which the company unveiled at its most recent annual accounts.

The goal is for customers to be met exactly where they need their pension and insurance company, and with the inclusion of Heap, which as a start-up was born digitally, Topdanmark is taking a step in the right direction.

“We want to meet customers with the very best solutions in the industry. We know that this is done by accelerating digitalisation and ensuring a cross-cutting digital mindset in our group. And we know that Heap’s integration in Topdanmark can contribute to just that mission, ”says Vivian Byrholt.

Facts: Heap

  • Heap is a digital startup, which is an insurance intermediary for a number of Topdanmark’s life insurance and pension products for the self-employed, freelancers and employees in small companies.
  • Heap’s mantra is to go a different route than the traditional one in arranging pensions in order to reach a target group that is typically not covered by company pension schemes.
  • Heap was founded in November 2019 i.a. of Topdanmark Livsforsikring and today offers a 100% digital solution for disseminating Topdanmarks Livsforsikring’s products. Customers can, for example, decide for themselves how often to pay into the savings, and how, for example, the life insurance should be put together.
  • Since its inception, Heap has collaborated with Topdanmark. 
  • Heap is a digital frontrunner and has, among other things, won two awards at the Danish Digital Awards 2021.
Chris Crespo
Chris Crespo
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