Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Sthlm Fintech: From Annual Conference to a Year-Round Community Enabler

Sthlm Fintech Week Organizers Unveil New Look and Expanded Offerings Beyond the Flagship Event

Stockholm Fintech, the team behind the highly regarded Sthlm Fintech Week, has announced a significant transformation as they rebrand and expand their scope. The change reflects the growing demand from the community for continuous support and engagement, going beyond the confines of their annual flagship conference.

Emphasizing their community-driven approach, Love Dager, CEO and co-founder of Stockholm Fintech, acknowledged the evolving needs of their constituents. He stated, “Since day one, we’ve been driven by our community. As they grow, we adapt to meet their needs. They wanted more from us than a yearly event, and we listened,” Dager further explained that while their dedication to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing remains intact, the rebranding and enhanced offerings signify their broader role in the global fintech landscape.

From its inception over five years ago, Stockholm Fintech has stood out by prioritizing community involvement. Their unique business model engages stakeholders as active contributors in event organization, which they credit for their ongoing growth and industry relevance. This transformation has resulted in a comprehensive range of services, encompassing smaller events, international delegations, and acting as an umbrella organization for Sweden’s fintech community.

Anna Blyablina, co-founder of Stockholm Fintech, highlighted the significance of connection and collaboration within the fintech community. She stated, “While we maintain our commitment to fostering community collaboration and knowledge sharing, our rebranding and expanded offerings reflect the larger role we’re taking in the increasingly global fintech ecosystem.”

Positioned in one of the world’s leading fintech hubs, Stockholm Fintech’s rebranding and expanded offerings are poised to further amplify their influence. Lana Brandorne, co-founder, emphasized the active role of their partners in shaping content, stating, “”The partners we work with don’t just sponsor our events, they are active co-organizers,.”

Stockholm Fintech Week, their flagship event, has experienced remarkable growth over the past five years, becoming Sweden’s largest fintech event. The most recent conference in February 2023 witnessed a nearly doubled attendance compared to the previous year, uniting diverse stakeholders from the fintech ecosystem and featuring tracks ranging from financial crime to Web3 and impact. Looking ahead to 2024, Stockholm Fintech is committed to expanding its global reach and fostering deeper international involvement.

Reflecting on the organization’s evolution, Dager expressed enthusiasm for responding to the community’s desire for increased engagement beyond the annual event. He affirmed their commitment to strengthening the fintech community in Sweden through knowledge sharing, emphasizing that the rebranding and new initiatives exemplify this dedication. Dager eagerly anticipates welcoming familiar and new faces as Stockholm Fintech embarks on this exciting journey.