Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Squaring Open Banking with Data Privacy – Interview with Fadi Pola, Enable Banking

At the Nordic Fintech Summit in Finland, we had the privilege of speaking with Fadi Pola, a Country Executive at Enable Banking. Enable Banking is a trusted open banking connectivity provider, distinguishing itself as a neutral bridge that prioritizes data privacy. With open banking still in its nascent stages, Pola expresses great enthusiasm for the vast possibilities it holds and emphasizes the importance of secure and discreet delivery of bank data. By positioning themselves as a privacy-focused and neutral connectivity provider, Enable Banking plays a crucial role in the evolving open banking landscape.

The Nordic and Baltic countries have been at the forefront of the fintech and open banking industry, while other regions are striving to catch up. In this chat, Fadi highlights the power of economic cooperation within the region, enabling the support and expansion of products and services even in countries like Spain, where open banking structures are still developing. This collaborative approach, focused on specific niches, fosters an environment of innovation and growth, making the fintech landscape truly exciting.