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Scoutz: A Game-Changing Hub Bringing Tech Solutions Faster to Danish Banks

In a strategic move to expedite IT development and usher in new digital opportunities for bank advisors and customers, four major players in the Danish banking sector — BEC, Nykredit, Spar Nord, and Arbejdernes Landsbank — are set to launch an innovative hub called Scoutz. This development marks a significant collaboration, pooling the talents of 114 tech professionals from these institutions to create a cutting-edge environment dedicated to pushing the boundaries of finance IT.

A New Era in Banking Innovation

Come January 2, Scoutz will officially open its doors in Copenhagen, Aalborg, and Warsaw, signaling a departure from the traditional work settings for the 114 tech experts involved. The primary objective of this ambitious venture is to explore novel approaches to joint IT development, specifically focusing on the cloud platform Salesforce. The platform will be instrumental in accelerating the development of the BEC banks’ joint advisory universe, a critical tool for advisors across 19 BEC banks who collectively serve approximately one-fourth of Denmark’s banking customers.

Leadership at the Helm

Adding to the anticipation is the appointment of Peter Smith as the head of Scoutz. With an extensive background in senior leadership roles within Danske Bank, Lunar Bank, and Nordea Kredit, Smith brings a wealth of experience to the table. His vision for Scoutz is to establish a dynamic hub that fosters development and innovation for the collective benefit of the 19 Danish banks within the BEC community.

Scoutz Toolbox: Salesforce and Beyond

While Salesforce serves as the primary toolbox for Scoutz, the hub’s real essence lies in its commitment to delivering rapid and efficient solutions to end-users. Acknowledging the inherent challenges in large organizations, Jesper Nielsen, CEO for BEC Financial Technologies, emphasizes Scoutz’s core mission — to push the boundaries of how compliant finance IT is developed, ensuring high quality and speed in the process.

A Hybrid Structure for Agility

Scoutz, though legally part of BEC, is designed to operate as a semi-autonomous entity. This structure aims to minimize administrative overhead and foster a nimble, innovative environment. The hub represents a bold step forward in streamlining processes and catalyzing the development of finance IT solutions that meet the dynamic needs of the banking sector.

A Rich History of Collaboration

BEC and BEC banks have already forged a robust history of collaboration, having developed various solutions on the Salesforce platform over the past six years. With Scoutz, this collaboration enters a new phase as 61 specialists from the banks and 53 from BEC join forces in joint teams. This consolidation of expertise is poised to drive innovation, enabling the rapid development and deployment of solutions across all 19 banks.

As Scoutz takes shape, it stands as a testament to the industry’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. The hub’s fusion of talent, technology, and vision positions it as a pivotal player in shaping the future landscape of Danish banking, promising a faster and more responsive era of financial services for both advisors and customers alike.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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