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Tuum expands its partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver its next generation core banking platform through the AWS Marketplace

London, UK, 27th June 2024 — Tuum, a leading next generation core banking platform, is pleased to announce the strengthening of its ongoing partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This strategic alignment introduces Tuum to the AWS Marketplace, an esteemed platform known for its robust, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure.

Through this partnership, Tuum leverages the comprehensive capabilities of AWS to deliver flexible, reliable, and efficient banking solutions globally. The AWS Marketplace will feature Tuum’s core banking platform, providing financial institutions with an agile, cloud-native banking environment built on a modular, microservices architecture.

Enhanced Features and Benefits through AWS Marketplace Availability: 

  • Accelerated Time-to-Market: Utilizing AWS Marketplace’s efficient distribution channels, Tuum significantly reduces the deployment time, enabling rapid setup and scaling of banking operations.
  • Seamless Procurement and Integrated Billing: The procurement process is streamlined via AWS Marketplace, simplifying the acquisition and implementation of Tuum’s solutions. Integrated billing consolidates charges, easing budget management for customers.
  • Scalability and Reliability: The scalability of AWS’s infrastructure ensures that Tuum can handle varying workloads effortlessly, maintaining high performance and availability critical for banking operations.
  • Global Reach and Enhanced Security: AWS’s global network ensures low latency and high availability worldwide, coupled with top-tier security measures including data encryption and compliance with international standards.
  • Innovation and Regulatory Compliance: AWS supports rapid deployment and continuous innovation, allowing financial institutions to adapt swiftly to market changes while ensuring compliance with local and global regulations.

“By embracing AWS’s unparalleled cloud infrastructure, Tuum is poised to redefine financial services. Our partnership with AWS enhances our platform with exceptional scalability, security, and efficiency, enabling financial institutions to swiftly adapt and thrive in the digital era,” said Jean Souto, VP, Global Partnerships at Tuum. “This collaboration goes beyond technological enhancement; it’s about empowering these institutions to capitalize on digitization, helping them achieve their strategic goals with unprecedented agility and cost efficiency.”

AWS is globally recognized as a premier cloud platform, distinguished by its comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the rigorous and evolving demands of the financial sector. This partnership signifies a key milestone for Tuum, underlining our dedication to liberating banking from the constraints of legacy systems and obsolete operational models. By collaborating with AWS, Tuum is setting a new standard for financial institutions eager to embrace change, offering modern solutions that enable them to transcend traditional barriers to innovation. Together, AWS and Tuum are equipping these institutions to capitalize on the dynamic opportunities reshaping the future of finance.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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