Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Navigating Estonia’s Digital Landscape: A Dialogue with Erika Piirmets at Latitude59

Amidst the dynamic backdrop of Latitude59, Estonia’s premier tech event, we engaged in a compelling conversation with Erika Piirmets. As the Digital Transformation Advisor at the Estonia Briefing Center, Erika is instrumental in narrating Estonia’s remarkable digital journey, illuminating how the nation embraced technology and transformed into a thriving digital society. Erika shared insights into Estonia’s technological evolution, stemming from practical necessity. With a small population, Estonia’s adoption of digital solutions like digital dogs for onboarding and self-service checkouts reflects ingenious ways to address real-world challenges.

Erika highlighted how Estonia’s focus on meaningful employment opportunities fuelled its tech innovation, and she traced the origins of the nation’s tech prowess to its history of experimentation. Erika’s narrative also unveiled Estonia’s commitment to digital literacy and inclusion. She discussed the country’s dedication to personalized medicine and deep tech advancements, driven by academic collaboration. The conversation underscored Estonia’s strong cybersecurity stance, forged through past challenges and international partnerships. Erika’s enthusiasm for Estonia’s digital journey and her insights into a future marked by resilient digital solutions left an indelible mark, showcasing the potential of a digitally empowered society.