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Fintech Forum: The Baltics, a region with endless innovation – Marius Ribokas Innovation Lead at SEB

In our recent visit to the Fintech Forum in Riga, we chatted with Marius Ribokas, Innovation Lead at SEB Baltics. Marius shares his enthusiasm for being at the heart of fintech innovation, exploring the latest trends and ideas shaping the sector. He emphasizes the importance of being part of these ecosystems to keep a pulse on emerging technologies and startups. Marius explains SEB’s open-minded approach to innovation, highlighting their interest in areas like payments, sustainability, and educational applications for children. He provides a unique perspective on the distinct characteristics of Baltic innovation and the region’s approach to fintech, noting the proactive role of central banks and the distinct strategies of countries like Estonia and Latvia in embracing digital transformation. Marius also reflects on the evolving relationship between fintech startups and traditional banks, observing a shift from competition to collaboration and partnership. The conversation touches on topics like open banking, regulatory changes, and the potential impact of AI on the financial sector. Tune in to the full interview for a deeper dive into Marius Ribokas’ insights on the dynamic and evolving world of fintech in the Baltics.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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