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Fintech Forum: Latvia’s bold strategy to supercharge its fintech ecosystem – Dina Buse MoF Latvia

You can’t miss this enlightening conversation with Dina Buse, Deputy Director of Financial Market Policy at the Latvian Ministry of Finance. Dina highlighted the new fintech strategy launched by Latvia, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing the country’s fintech sector. She emphasized that this is the first dedicated strategy for fintech in Latvia, marking a significant shift in acknowledging the sector’s growth potential and the government’s deep appreciation of its impact. The strategy focuses on four main pillars: building infrastructure for fintech companies, developing talent, attracting foreign talent, and marketing the sector internationally. Dina elaborates on the collaborative approach taken in formulating the strategy, involving various stakeholders within the Latvian ecosystem. She also discusses the importance of events like the Fintech Forum, viewing them as prime opportunities for showcasing Latvia’s strengths and attracting global attention to its burgeoning fintech scene. Dina’s insights reflect a broader narrative of a nation that is modest yet innovative, with a rich, “sweet” core of potential waiting to be discovered by the global community. Tune in to the full interview to learn more about Latvia’s strategic efforts to elevate its fintech sector under Dina Buse’s leadership.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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