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Fintech Events:Norway Fintech Festival Interview with Janne Salminen CEO at Helsinki Fintech Farm

We’ve got a treat for you today as we sit down with Janne, the mastermind behind the innovative strides in Finland has been making in Fintech. As the head of Fintech Farm Helsinki, Janne has been revolutionising the game and putting Finland on the Fintech map! ? What’s Fintech Farm all about, you ask? Well, imagine a buzzing ecosystem where financial brilliance thrives, and a fintech hub that sparks innovation like nobody’s business. That’s Fintech Farm Helsinki in a nutshell! We caught up with Janne during his visit to the Nordic Fintech Festival in Bergen, and were we lucky to get a one on one with him. Listen to how Finnish Fintechs are scaling pan Nordic to the importance of partnerships and trend-spotting and be inspired. So, get ready to be blown away as Janne shares his insights, experiences, and visions for the future of Nordic fintech. This one, will be one for the books!

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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