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Fintech Events: Norway Fintech Festival, interview with Anastasiya Lebedz, Sales Goddess at goscore

We’ve met hundreds of entrepreneurs, builders and disruptors, but non quite like Anastasiya Lebedz, Sales Goddess at goscore. In our recent trip to Norway Fintech Festival in Bergen, we had the pleasure to meet Anastasiya for a chat with a stroke of divinity as we learn how goscore is trying to fix a problem that has affected anyone who’se ever moved countries: credit scores.

In this captivating conversation with Anastasiya, we hear how passion is the driving force behind goscore, ignited by a personal experience that resonates with many of us. Picture this: you’re a prosperous individual, crossing borders from Denmark to Norway, only to be denied a mobile subscription due to a nonexistent credit history. Ouch! Anastasia’s tale strikes a chord, revealing the team’s burning desire to solve this all-too-common problem. With trust built on a professional and personal level, goscore aspires to become a long-term partner for banks, gracefully guiding them through the digitised world where traditional scoring systems fall short.

Anastasia brings both beauty and brains to the table, ensuring that the complex language of machine learning is translated into everyday terms that even your tech-shy aunt can understand. Now, let’s embark on a riveting journey through goscore’s triumphs, from local awards in Bergen to a well-deserved national victory. Hold on tight as we travel from Hungarian accelerators to the prestigious TechStars program, with unexpected funding from the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy along the way. And if that weren’t enough, our intrepid sales goddess now finds herself in the esteemed MasterCard Lighthouse program—a business speed dating event like no other, where Nordic companies and banks can “swipe right” to ignite lucrative partnerships. This interview is a delightful collision of friendly festivals, close-knit communities, and, of course, the pleasure of meeting a sales goddess for the very first time!

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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