Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Exploring Startup Dynamics: Insights from Alexandra Balkova, Head of Portfolio at Startup Wise Guys

Amidst the bustling atmosphere of Latitude59, Estonia’s premier tech event, we had the privilege of conversing with Alexandra Balkova. As the Head of Portfolio at Startup Wise Guys, a B2B accelerator and investment group, Alexandra’s expertise illuminated the intricacies of early-stage investments and the evolving startup landscape.

With a diverse portfolio spanning over 60 countries and 400 investments, Startup Wise Guys under Alexandra’s guidance showcases a robust pre-seed investment strategy. Emphasizing the power of diversification, she shed light on their B2B and software domain focus, highlighting their stronghold in verticals like fintech and cybersecurity, influenced by Estonia’s tech culture.

Alexandra’s insights delved into the pulse of the startup realm. While acknowledging trending technologies like AI, she championed often underestimated sectors, advocating for a cybersecurity spotlight. Reflecting on 2021’s recalibration, she outlined how startups navigated challenges, emphasizing efficiency and profitability. Alexandra’s appreciation for the human side of startups emerged as she detailed the transformative power of early-stage investments, spotlighting the personal and professional growth experienced by founders and their ventures. In a concise yet impactful conversation, Alexandra Balkova’s perspective encapsulated the essence of startup journeys and the symbiotic relationship between innovation and investor support.