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Estonia’s Tech Magnet: Inside the Work in Estonia Program, Leonardo Ortega, Work in Estonia Program

In a bustling corner of Latitude59′, we had the privilege of sitting down with Leonardo Ortega, the mastermind behind Estonia’s thriving Work in Estonia program. With a warm smile and an affable demeanor, Leonardo shared insights that underscored the magnetism of Estonia’s burgeoning tech landscape. As the head of a government-funded initiative aimed at attracting specialized professionals to the heart of the Baltic tech hub, Leonardo’s journey from Mexico to Estonia has been a testimony to the program’s resounding success. His account not only sheds light on the program’s pivotal role in bridging the talent gap for the country’s dynamic startup ecosystem but also offers a glimpse into the unique allure that has drawn global specialists to the enchanting northern reaches of Europe. Listen to Leonardo’s reflections on the challenges and triumphs of the Work in Estonia program, and uncover the multifaceted tapestry of opportunities, innovation, and community that have come to define the very essence of this pioneering initiative.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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