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Embedded finance, the new, fast moving heartbeat of Banking

Soon, nothing will be as it was before, as embedded finance continues to redefine the Financial Services Industry, create new avenues to market, and reshape how Financial services are delivered. Mobey Forum‘s Payments Expert Group, provides us with the ultimate source of insight and knowledge on Embedded Finance, directly from the industry masterminds making its application a reality. In its latest “Embedded Finance, Transforming the Banking Value Chain” report, representatives from the most advanced financial institutions dissect how this trend is reimagining the banking value chain.

Merging technology, finance, and consumer experience, Embedded Finance turns every business into a potential fintech provider, weaving financial services into customer’s daily activities like shopping and traveling. This future is about easy, everywhere finance for all.

As we explore the report, we understand that these changes are deep and fundamental. Here are some essential takeaways from this landmark report:

  1. Transition from Relationship-Driven to Capability-Driven Models: “Embedded finance-enabled user journeys are transforming the strategies of financial institutions from relationship-driven to capability-driven approaches. Progressive banks are already moving ahead with embedded finance journeys threatening to leave others behind”​​.
  2. Seamless Integration into User Journeys: “The seamless integration of financial tools and services into user journeys is fundamentally changing how customers consume financial services. A growing number of companies integrate financial offerings into their portfolio to better serve customers’ desires”​​.
  3. Momentum and Revenue Potential: The transaction value of embedded finance in the U.S. is expected to surge from $2.6 trillion in 2021 to $7 trillion in 2026. Not only does this trend reflect the growing adoption and scale, but it also shows the potential for significant revenue generation and the shift in revenue pools depending on the role an organization chooses to play in the value chain​​.

Embedded finance is set to redefine the banking value chain, offering unprecedented convenience and opportunities for both consumers and businesses. As the landscape of financial services evolves, institutions need to be proactive in their strategies.For those interested in understanding the full spectrum of this transformative trend, the Mobey Forum’s detailed report is an essential read. Download the full report to dive deeper into the nuances of embedded finance and to leverage the substantial opportunities it presents in the exciting future that lies ahead for the industry.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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