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Collaboration on Steroids, the secret sauce that propelled and entire ecosystem -Jekaterina Govina Ex-regulator and Cofounder & Head of Partnerships at AMLYZE

In our recent interview with Jekaterina Govina, a key player in Lithuania’s fintech scene, we gained valuable insights into the country’s thriving financial technology sector. Jekaterina’s diverse roles – from cofounding AMLYZE, an anti-money laundering tech solution to her legal expertise and her efforts in empowering women in investment – highlight her deep involvement and influence in the industry. Her perspective is a unique blend of tech savvy and regulatory know-how, making her a formidable figure in the fintech landscape.

Jekaterina shared her thoughts on how Lithuania’s fintech ecosystem has grown, thanks to a strong partnership between regulators and businesses. As a former member of the country’s regulatory authority, she shed light on the collaborative spirit that drives innovation in Lithuania. She likens the nation’s fintech progress to a startup’s journey: initially focused on rapid growth and now moving towards a more selective and strategic phase. This approach reflects the adaptability and forward-thinking strategies essential in today’s fast-paced fintech world.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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