Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Can Nordic Fintech weather the resource challenges in regional and global talent? Evita Lune, partner at Pedersen and Partners

Pedersen and Partners, a renowned executive search company, is making waves in the fintech space with its dedicated Fintech Practice Group. During our interview at the Nordic Fintech Summit, we had the pleasure of speaking with Evita Lune, a partner from the firm who shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities in attracting top talent to the fintech industry. The fintech ecosystem requires a distinctive approach, where the right candidates seek more than just compensation—they look for a compelling vision, long-term impact, and an agile work environment. The ever-evolving nature of fintech demands adaptability, making it a playground for change enthusiasts. Evita emphasized that the Nordic region stands out as a hotbed of fintech innovation. With numerous unicorns, neo-banks, and platform-based businesses, the Nordics have established themselves as pioneers in the industry.

The region boasts cashless societies and digital identities, creating an ideal environment for fintech growth. Notably, Evita observed a unique generation of young entrepreneurs in their early thirties, successfully building global companies and leading the fintech revolution. These entrepreneurs exhibit exceptional agility, constantly seeking opportunities and quickly pivoting their strategies to emerging markets. Technological prowess also sets the region apart, attracting top-tier talent in data science, software development, and architecture. The Nordics emerge as a powerhouse for innovation, offering an unrivaled blend of youth, agility, and technological advancement.