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Tuum partners with AMLYZE to extend its next-generation core banking offering with specialist anti-financial crime solutions.

London UK, 27 September 2023 – Tuum, a leading next-generation core banking provider, announces a strategic partnership with AMLYZE, a leading provider of anti-financial crime solutions dedicated for FinTechs, neobanks and other global financial services providers.

The partnership between Tuum and AMLYZE enables banks and financial institutions to leverage out of the box compliance, thanks to the seamless integration of Tuum’s core banking, payments, and card modules, and AMLYZE’s comprehensive compliance solution, helping them stay ahead in the rapidly evolving, highly regulated financial landscape.

AMLYZE offers a full suite of anti-financial crime tools, including transaction monitoring, risk assessment, case management, and screening for sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs), and adverse media. This comprehensive set of tools, developed by regulatory insiders, empowers financial institutions with the means to proactively detect and mitigate financial risks while staying fully compliant with stringent regulations.

The financial sector is undergoing a transformation with industry disruptors taking centre stage. Simultaneously, regulatory environments are growing increasingly strict, leaving no room for compromise when it comes to compliance. Tuum and AMLYZE recognize these challenges and are committed to providing a solution that empowers financial institutions across the globe to navigate this evolving landscape confidently.

The initial focus of this partnership is on the European market, where the demand for innovative and compliant financial solutions is at an all-time high. Tuum and AMLYZE are poised to meet the unique needs of European financial institutions by leveraging their combined expertise and technology.

Jekaterina Govina, Head of Partnerships & Regulatory Affairs and co-founder of AMLYZE, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “Our joint solution can meet the needs of any financial institution, as both platforms are built by experts with decades of industry and regulatory experience. We hope that this partnership will bring unprecedented efficiency to the processes of any financial institution.”

Jean Souto, VP Global Strategic partnerships at Tuum, comments “We are thrilled to partner with AMLYZE who are highly specialised and proven in the field of anti-financial crime.  We both share the same values around delivering modern, highly configurable, easily integrated solutions. This enables banks and financial institutions to free themselves from the burden of legacy applications so they can respond quickly to market challenges and new opportunities whilst ensuring compliance with increasingly evolving stringent regulations.”

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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