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The Heartbeat of Fintech: Rockit’s role in Lithuania’s Ecosystem – Lina Žemaitytė-Kirkman – Head of Rockit

In our latest interview, we had the opportunity to sit down with Lina Žemaitytė Kirkman, the influential Head of Rockit, and a key player in Lithuania’s fintech ecosystem. Lina, with her unique mix of enthusiasm and expertise, leads Rockit’s mission to foster growth and collaboration in the local and regional innovation landscape. Focusing primarily on fintech and sustainable innovation, Rockit acts as a pivotal hub, or as Lina describes it, the “glue” that binds the vibrant and dynamic ecosystem together.

Lina shared insights on what makes Lithuania’s fintech scene so special: a unique collaboration among government, entrepreneurs, and businesses, all eager and available to support each other. This collaborative spirit, coupled with a forward-looking regulator and a balance between innovation and regulation, has propelled Lithuania’s fintech growth. Lina emphasizes the importance of patience and partnership in this growth, likening it to nurturing a forest – it takes time and care. With the Fintech Day approaching, she reflects on its role in amplifying local voices and bringing in global perspectives, further energizing Lithuania’s thriving fintech community.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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