Saturday, September 23, 2023
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The Future of Payments, Networks of Networks to connect People and Companies – Philip Konopik Regional Managing Director Nordics & Baltics at Visa

Payments was one of the first areas in Financial services disrupted by digitalisation. In the past 10 years technology has not only changed our relationship with credit, debit and cash, but has also lowered the barriers to entry into the industry, unleashing fierce competition amongst payment companies for customers and merchants. The niche focus of challengers has also accelerated the fragmentation of new modalities of payments in the e-commerce space fundamentally changing the traditional relationship between consumers, merchants and payment providers, but also increasing volumes of fee generating transactions.

Visa has approached these new challenges with a refreshing mindset and collaborative spirit that’s allowed it to turn challenges into opportunities. In this insightful conversation with Philip Konopik, Visa’s Regional Managing Director for Nordics and Baltics, we learn how Visa has chosen to see competitors as potential partners and in doing so has build a network of networks, agnostic to payment rails, that helps its customers succeed in the different markets. In this interview you’ll learn more about Visa’s strategy, how it’s providing new added value services for their customers payments needs, its vision for 2025 and beyond and, how the company is embracing disruption to innovate and support its customers and partners.