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Skogsnejd – democratizing forest ownership with fintech

Skogsnejd, a Swedish fintech startup, aims to offer a safe, sustainable and simple service for buying and saving in forest properties. By using technology to lower the thresholds to the property market, Skogsnejd challenges traditional business models.

For the common household, entering the forest property market is a huge undertaking. Besides the significant upfront cost, forest management requires time, knowledge and resources. This, combined with the fact that for each year forest owners are getting fewer and older, is a worrying trend. A trend Skogsnejd wants to change and hopefully reverse:

“Buying forest property today is out of reach for most people and families. We want to make it easy and cheap. Forest ownership should be accessible for everyone, enabling people to save and invest in something sustainable and real: land and trees. Skogsnejd should be an obvious complement to everyone’s savings.”

says Fredrik, one of the founders.

Fredrik Laapotti

How it works:

●  Skogsnejd owns the forest properties and takes care of management, paperwork and legal affairs.

●  The forest properties are sold per square meter in the web app, through digital tokens representing ownership.

●  Customers know exactly what type of forest they own, how it’s managed and are able to influence the long-term development of the forest.

Behind the scenes, digital tokens, which may reside on a blockchain, are used to represent and track the underlying value of the specific forest area. Data from property markets and forestry surveys are combined with customer activity on the internal marketplace to enable dynamic pricing. This lets customers value forest not only from an economic point of view, but also from the perceived natural values it brings.

As of writing, Skogsnejd runs a pre-purchase campaign where interested customers can be among the first to save in forest through Skogsnejd. The service is slated for release in the Swedish market during 2023 with plans for more countries to follow.

For more information, see the links below (in Swedish) or get in touch with:

Fredrik Laapotti, CEO,, 070 262 73 64

David Borg, CMO ,, 073 388 22 22

Oscar Buvari, CTO,, 070 644 51 01

Pre-purchase landing page: Web::

About Skogsnejd

Skogsnejd is a digital-first company firmly planted in the Swedish forest, offering a safe, sustainable and engaging way to save for the generations of today and tomorrow.

Chris Crespo
Chris Crespo
Chris is a Founding Partner and Chief Editor at Nordic Fintech Magazine, where he simplifies complex financial ideas into easy-to-understand content. With nearly 20 years of experience in management consulting and financial services, including leadership roles with some of Europe's largest banks, he offers profound industry insights. Previously serving as the Chief Futurist at the largest bank in the Nordics, Chris has sharp views on the Future of Financial Services, Money, Disruption, and Ethical AI in Finance. He is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University, Singularity University and Copenhagen Business School, where he frequently discusses the future of Money, Finance, and Entrepreneurship in Financial Services. As a Behavioral Economist, Chris is passionate about studying how human behavior and decision-making relate to risk. He also delves into the connections between psychology, leadership, and technology within financial services.
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