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Reimagining Banking Experiences for Customers & Businesses Mats Persson GM Sweden & Norway at Lunar

Check out our interview with Mats Persson, General Manager for Lunar in Sweden and Norway, and Chairman of the Swedish Fintech Association. Mats talks about Lunar’s ambitions, the state of fintech in Sweden, and the opportunities in the Norwegian fintech scene.

Key Takeaways

1. Lunar’s Ambition: Lunar aims to become the leading everyday bank in the Nordics, focusing on better customer experiences for consumers and small businesses.

2. Current Focus: Lunar is concentrating on deepening its presence in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, with new features for both consumers and small businesses.

3. Swedish Fintech Challenges: Access to capital remains tough for Swedish fintechs. The Swedish Fintech Association advocates for the industry’s growth and innovation.

4. Event Relevance: Networking and collaboration at the Norway Fintech Festival are crucial for exploring new business opportunities and sharing industry insights.

5. Opportunities in Norway: There is significant potential for innovation and growth in Norway’s fintech market, with customers ready for new solutions and products. Don’t miss Mats’ profound insights on the future of Fintech in the Nordics.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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