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Quickbit partners with Intergiro to launch first crytpo debit card in Sweden

Quickbit, a Swedish crypto company, has announced a new partnership with Intergiro, a Swedish Banking as a Service provider, to launch crypto debit cards. The card enables cryptocurrency holders to use their digital assets for everyday transactions. The new card was launched to Quickbit’s users in Sweden on May 3rd. 

The debit card is the latest feature addition to Quickbit’s product offering and is connected to the Quickbit App, from which users can already buy and sell crypto with their fiat account, embedded in the App using Intergiro’s banking as a service solution. This unique positioning enables instant, frictionless settlements for exchanging between crypto and fiat, a highly in demand feature given on- and off-ramp difficulties typically experienced by crypto users.

“To support crypto adoption, the user experience needs to be as smooth as possible,” states Intergiro Chief Revenue Officer Adam Sadler. “We are proud to have developed a product enabling customers to spend their crypto assets globally. Thanks to Intergiro, crypto holders can now spend their assets and investments with ease.”

This partnership is great news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts looking for a way to use their digital assets for making payments. Quickbit’s card will make it easy and seamless for them to spend their money online and in stores. 

“Thanks to Intergiro, we are delighted to offer our users an innovative payment solution that makes it easy for them to use their cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions. This is a major step forward in our mission to remove barriers for people to use cryptocurrencies for their everyday needs,” said Quickbit CEO, Hammad Abuiseifan.
Later this year, Quickbit plans to incorporate Intergiro’s SmartBalance feature, which  enables users to connect their card to a crypto wallet in the App. Intergiro clients are able to use this feature to fund card transactions in real time from any external source, whether it is crypto, loyalty points, instant discounts, or other assets such as commodities or pension funds.

Chris Crespo
Chris Crespo
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