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Nordic FinTech Week 2023 brings the iconic, global, The Founders Peak stage to Copenhagen

September 1, 2003. Nordic FinTech Week 2023 (September 27 & 28th, Copenhagen) have announced a strategic collaboration with the iconic The Founders Peak stage where exceptional start-up founders from over 25 countries with collective valuations of over $30Bn have now taken stage across successive editions in Singapore, Africa, and more recently in Japan. Fondly called the ‘Yellow Circle’, the stage is increasingly recognised for its distinctive value to start-ups as invited Founders share pivotal moments and untold stories that have shaped who they are.

“We call this ‘unavailable wisdom”, something you simply can’t find on the internet. We work very closely with each Founder often for weeks, even months, to help them patiently soul-search and draw out that one experience or two from their entire journey that will deliver the most insight, inspiration and usability, for aspiring, scaling, even struggling Founders”, said Sopnendu Mohanty, Chairman of the Board at Elevandi.

“We’re very excited to join forces with Nordic FinTech Week 2023 and build further on the active collaboration between our two countries i.e. Denmark and Singapore, and more broadly between Singapore and the Nordic region, which is recognised for being home to the most unicorns per capita, second only to Silicon Valley.”

On Day 1 of NFW2023, September 27, 2023, The Founders Peak stage will host an exclusive three-hour special with nearly 15 invited Founders from across Denmark, Latvia, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and the United Kingdom who will take stage. Each talk is a solo TED-style deep insight for ten minutes.

“The collaboration between Nordic FinTech Week and The Founders Peak is a testament to our shared commitment to fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing. It also serves as a vital step in advancing the core objective of promoting start-ups as a career as they become ever more critical to jobs and economic growth worldwide. This partnership aligns perfectly with the ongoing efforts of policymakers in the Nordics to spur and facilitate greater entrepreneurial success.” said Sandra Jensen Landi, Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore and Brunei.

Nordic FinTech Week is the region’s premier FinTech event that sits at the heart of groundbreaking ideas and connects innovators, investors, policymakers and enterprise decision-makers.

About The Founders Peak: The Founders Peak is a pioneering initiative by Elevandi dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs by bringing them real-life experiences and learnings from exceptional Founders.

About Nordic FinTech Week 2023: Nordic FinTech Week is a premier annual event that brings together the leading minds in the financial technology sector. With a focus on cutting-edge developments, transformative ideas, and industry trends, the event serves as a catalyst for collaboration and growth within the global FinTech ecosystem.

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