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Neonomics selected by Endavu to scale investment app via open banking

via open banking

04.04.2024 COPENHAGEN, DENMARK – Neonomics, a leading open banking company and Endavu, the fastest growing investment platform in Denmark, have partnered to streamline the process for users of Endavu to fund their investment accounts. This collaboration aims to enhance accessibility, allowing users to seamlessly invest in over 50,000 different stocks and ETFs across more than 25 different markets.

Built by entrepreneurs with extensive experience within FinTech, Endavu has been created to make investing more accessible and straightforward for everyone. In record time, Endavu achieved a financial license from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authorities and built a platform with some of the market’s most competitive prices and a wide range of investment options.

With today’s generations being more open about personal finances, there’s a growing desire to discuss investments with a wider community and those you trust. Endavu empowers users to explore the portfolios and strategies of like-minded investors, thus making investing both inclusive and social. Additionally, Endavu has built a vast universe of thematic collections of stocks to help people identify investment opportunities based on their interests and beliefs, making it easier to get started, set, and follow financial goals. “We have a unique advantage in that we have built our core investment infrastructure with latest technologies. We designed our platform with simplicity in mind, aiming to maximize the amount of our users’ funds directly contributed to growing their assets, rather than being bogged down by high processing or hidden fees commonly seen in the investment world. 

That’s also why we partnered with Neonomics to enable a seamless funding experience for our users as well as a cost-efficient set-up. In roughly two months, more than 70% of our users now use Neonomics as the preferred way of funding their investment account.” -Martin Roland Knudsen, CEO and Founder of Endavu Account-to-account payments offer unparalleled efficiency when it comes to cost and settlement time, enabling a secure and stable pathway for Endavu to deliver enriched services

to their end users. Commenting on the partnership for Neonomics, CEO and Founder Christoffer Andvig said, “Today, we’re seeing a surge in the number of people entering the investment landscape. However, this influx also brings increases awareness among consumers about the costs involved, which has become a major pain point across the industry. By introducing more cost- efficient ways to move money, we see a tremendous opportunity to reshape the ecosystem through open banking and we are excited to support Endavu´s growth journey.”

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