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Neonomics Launches Open Banking-Enabled Donations for the Finnish Red Cross

27.06.2022 – OSLO,NORWAY – Leading Nordic open banking provider, Neonomics, is supporting the Finnish Red Cross to make donating easier and more secure through their open banking powered Checkout solution, which recently launched in Finland earlier this year. This enables anyone to try out the Checkout solution, whilst contributing to a good cause.

“Our goal is to create a more efficient payments ecosystem benefiting not only businesses, but other types of organisations and users as well. We strongly support the work that organisations such as the Finnish Red Cross does, and we strive to make it even easier to support such organisations” said CEO and founder of Neonomics, Christoffer Andvig.

In response to the decreasing use of cash, charitable organizations need to explore alternative avenues to boost their non-cash donations while maintaining convenience as a priority. With open banking, donators are able to pay directly by bank meaning there is no need for them to share sensitive data or card details, making donations more secure. In addition, non-profit organizations benefit from reduced transaction costs as open banking payments are significantly morecost efficient compared to other payment alternatives.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the largest humanitarian network in the world, dedicated to alleviating human suffering, safeguarding life and health, and upholding human dignity, particularly in times of armed conflicts and emergencies. The Finnish Red Cross helps amidst crises and accidents and supports people of all ages when life gets hard both within Finland and abroad.

You can try Neonomics’ open banking powered Checkout by donating to the Finnish Red Cross here.