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Neonomics launches seamless open banking powered Checkout in Finland

07.02.2023- OSLO, NORWAY– Leading open banking provider, Neonomics, has expanded the launch of their new open banking powered Checkout solution to Finland. The solution provides seamless account-to-account payments via a frictionless front-end user interface that delivers higher conversion rates than card payments at a significantly lower cost.

“Our new Checkout product is truly what’s going to take open banking to the next level. Now any business can easily leverage open banking in their payment experience by simply adding it to your payment options using just a few lines of code. Our focus with this product was to keep all the benefits of open banking; security, low cost and combine it with the ultimate design-driven user experience. This will be a game changer for businesses and end-users.” – Nils Christian Roscher-Nielsen, Head of Product at Neonomics.

Businesses are increasingly turning to open banking payments to escape exorbitant card fees. However, the complex integration and inefficient user interfaces of early iterations have slowed adoption. Neonomics Checkout resolves these issues by providing an easy-to-use plug-and-play product that is swift to implement, maintenance-free, and fast for users.

Ecommerce providers and their customers can now take advantage of the benefits account-to-account payments have to offer – lower transaction costs, fewer intermediaries, faster settlement, and tighter security than other leading forms of payments.

Neonomics Checkout is already available in Norway and now also available in Finland. The Checkout solution will be made widely available across Nordics in the coming months via Neonomics unified API and comprehensive consumer bank coverage.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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