Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Neonomics and PERX launch open banking partnership to maximize growth of peer to peer 

16.03.2023 – OSLO, NORWAY – PERX, an innovative Norwegian P2P crowdlending platform, has partnered with Neonomics. Through this partnership, PERX will be able to enable open banking payments on their platform through Neonomics’ open banking Checkout solution, to increase efficiency and security in its payments. Through open banking, PERX will be able to provide their end users an easier way to deposit money that they are investing in loans on the PERX platform.

Consumer loans are expensive and often depend on banks. PERX provides an online marketplace where investors and lenders can meet – without the expensive intermediaries and involvement of banks, enabling PERX to provide competitive rates for the borrowers and more attractive returns for lenders. 

Lars Hafstad, CEO of PERX says:

“Neonomics is a great fit for PERX. We are excited to work with Neonomics and adopt open banking into our platform to enable fast, secure and user-friendly payments for our investors. We look forward to working closely together to further develop the use of open banking within PERX thanks to Neonomics’ technical expertise and drive to get the most out of open banking for everyone’s benefit.” 

Open banking payments are an ideal payment method for crowdfunding due to it’s ability to significantly improve security and ease of use through the ability to connect directly to the lender’s bank account. 

Speaking on behalf of Neonomics, CEO Christoffer Andvig said,

 “We are pleased that PERX have adopted Neonomics’ open banking Checkout to further add value to their innovation within the P2P crowdfunding space. As open banking evolves, we see a lot more potential to come in this partnership.”