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Neonomics and Carbon Centrum join forces to reduce carbon emissions through open banking

05.12.2023- OSLO, NORWAY – Carbon Centrum, a carbon offset trailblazer, and Neonomics, a leading provider of open banking services, have partnered to enable the first-ever CarbonIDs representing data-backed offsets. Leveraging the power of open banking to connect individuals with more precise C02 footprints, the companies are combining many diverse data inputs, among which are individuals ́ financial transactions, into a single platform that autonomously tracks C02 consumption at a more granular level. This will enable companies to competitively purchase these offsets by seamlessly connecting individuals, brands, and carbon markets.

“Reducing carbon emissions is critical to saving our planet for the generations to come. The goal of CarbonID is to strengthen the bonds between different stakeholders who share in this mission by incentivising actors in an innovative way. Giving individuals an intuitive ability to sell their own offsets to companies who seek to do their part in this complex challenge is one piece of the puzzle which we believe can make a big difference at scale with partners like Neonomics.” – Founder and CEO of Carbon Centrum Çağrı Selçuklu

Carbon offsets will play an integral role in getting to net-zero global emissions. Linking more uniform, real-time data at the individual level can improve the monitoring and effectiveness of carbon offset trading and the overall aim of reduction.

Commenting on this partnership for Neonomics, Founder and CEO Christoffer Andvig said, “When we started Neonomics we wanted to be able to go after big challenges and there is nothing bigger than addressing climate change. Enabling our open banking technology to be a multi-functional tool for innovators like Carbon Centrum is at our very core and we are excited to support their mission going forward.”

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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