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MobilePay Adds Shift4 to its Exclusive List of Global Acquiring and Technical Partners, Expandingthe Global Reach of its Services

One of the most popular payment methods in the Nordic region, MobilePay adds Shift4 to bolster its acquiring services, enable access to local wallets, and extend its global reach.

January 16, 2024 – Shift4 (NYSE: FOUR), a global leader in integrated payments and commerce technology, and mobile payment provider, MobilePay, today announced a partnership that will enable MobilePay to extend its acquiring offerings for domestic and global partners, provide global payment processing capabilities to power card and wallet payments, and enable payment acceptance in local currencies. As a technology partner, Shift4 will now also be able to offer its merchants access to MobilePay through its own payments gateway. 

With more than three-quarters of global online purchases made with local payment methods, it is becoming increasingly important for eCommerce businesses to accept the preferred payment methods in each market they aim to serve. In the Nordic region, the eCommerce market has seen steady growth in recent years and is estimated to be worth over $40 billion today. As the region becomes increasingly cashless, the most preferred payment method for online purchases today is via mobile payment apps. Through this partnership, MobilePay customers will gain access to Shift4’s global acquiring and payment processing capabilities, enabling them to accept and process card and local wallet payment transactions in their customers’ local currencies anywhere, anytime, and in real-time.

“Partnering with one of the most ubiquitous payment methods for eCommerce in the Nordic region aligns perfectly with Shift4’s commitment to helping merchants and partners accept the most used local payment methods in every market,” said Ruben Frimand Nielsen, Vice President of Sales & Business Development for the Nordics at Shift4. “We are excited to help MobilePay expand their acquiring offerings to their customers through our global infrastructure and are proud to join them as a technical partner, enabling us to offer our own global merchants and partners access to MobilePay’s solution.”

The partnership will allow MobilePay merchants and partners to process card and wallet payments and access the real-time reliability and service of Shift4’s risk management, fraud protection, and advanced analytics services. Shift4’s fully redundant payment processing technology servers will ensure that MobilePay’s customers can benefit from a smart routing solution that automatically reroutes merchant traffic in real-time to a new server if an issue occurs – minimizing losses and ensuring disruption-free payment processing for ‘uptime all the time’. “Our goal at MobilePay is to provide our customers with the most seamless and convenient payment experience possible,” says Lars Green, Commercially Responsible & Partnerships, MobilePay Online. “Partnering with Shift4 brings us closer to that goal by leaps and bounds: empowering our user base of more than 4.6 million users and around 200,000 stores and webshops to adapt to changing consumer preferences and expand their capabilities to reach new markets, anywhere.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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