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Mastercard empowers fintech investment platform NORD.Investments with open banking payments

Today, Aiia, a Mastercard company, and NORD.Investments are announcing a new collaboration that will enable quick, easy and secure top-up open banking payments in Denmark’s largest independent digital investment advisor platform.

Until today, NORD.Investments customers experienced some challenges when adding funds to the investment platform, as the process involved going through their online bank and manually entering their investment account details to move their money.

With Mastercard’s open banking network, NORD.Investments now facilitates customers to do account-to-account payments in a single, unifying investment platform at the click of a button. This makes the process quicker and easier and reduces human errors that can occur when typing in long digits manually.

Open banking gives consumers complete control over their financial data, and the choice to use that data to power solutions that help make their lives simpler. This new payment solution is set to improve the user experience significantly for more than 7.000 users for which NORD.Investments manages more than 2 billion DKK – a number that’s rapidly growing by the day.

Commenting on the partnership, Anders Hartmann, CEO & Co-Founder of NORD.Investments, says: 

“Before we partnered with Mastercard, it was less convenient for our users to invest, as they would have to do this through their online bank. Now we’re able to offer everything on our own platform, making it significantly easier for people to get started with their investment plans. We’re happy to see this collaboration take shape and expect more of our users to add funds to their account as a result. With open banking payments in place, we can truly say that we’re the easiest investment platform to use.”

Commenting on the partnership, Jonas Vogt Rasmussen, VP of Banking Sales at Mastercard, says: 

“We’re thrilled to empower yet another promising fintech company in the Nordic region to make it a convenient experience for investors to easily and securely add funds to their investment account through open banking payments directly in the NORD.Investments platform. This encourages more users to add funds to the investment platforms and allows to grow their business – the future possibilities are many.”

Chris Crespo
Chris Crespo
Chris is a Founding Partner and Chief Editor at Nordic Fintech Magazine, where he simplifies complex financial ideas into easy-to-understand content. With nearly 20 years of experience in management consulting and financial services, including leadership roles with some of Europe's largest banks, he offers profound industry insights. Previously serving as the Chief Futurist at the largest bank in the Nordics, Chris has sharp views on the Future of Financial Services, Money, Disruption, and Ethical AI in Finance. He is also a guest lecturer at Stanford University, Singularity University and Copenhagen Business School, where he frequently discusses the future of Money, Finance, and Entrepreneurship in Financial Services. As a Behavioral Economist, Chris is passionate about studying how human behavior and decision-making relate to risk. He also delves into the connections between psychology, leadership, and technology within financial services.
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