Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Marketing Masterclass: How to outsmart your competitors when you can’t outspend them

In their rebellion against big institutions, fintechs pride themselves on being bold and disruptive. But if everyone is acting “bold” in the exact same way, does it still give you a leg up? Or are you just treading water in a new sea of sameness?

The power of marketing has long been overlooked in the Nordic fintech scene, but as competition accelerates globally, fintechs can no longer afford to blend in with their competitors. To win market share, they must build a unique brand that customers can recognize and trust.

Mano Copenhagen, a strategic consultancy advising some of the world’s leading brands, conducted a study analyzing 40 fintech brands around the world. The study found that 98% of fintechs analysed communicate with a cheerful/casual tone and a staggering 100% of the fintechs pushed the same messages of democratising finance through ease and control.

To address this crisis in brand sameness and foster the next wave of truly innovative fintech marketing, Mano Copenhagen is teaming up with long-time finance marketer Sarah Millerton to host a masterclass this Thursday, June 8th at Copenhagen FinTech Lab. They will be joined on stage by seasoned marketing leaders from across the Nordics and North America, representing, Lunar, Crediwire, and Monthio.

The event is free and open to all. Reserve your ticket here