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Improve customer experience with electronic signatures and eIDs

As the payments industry looks to establish consumer trust, electronic signatures and eIDs have become an increasingly important topic. Their use can help to speed up transactions, while also providing a higher level of security.

Electronic signatures and eIDs are essential since they improve customer experience by making it possible to interact with service providers entirely online. They also help with compliance issues related to data protection, KYC requirements, EBA rules, and other areas where digitizing the onboarding process is necessary. Since data management is a critical part of any organization, electronic signatures can play a big role in unlocking data and making operations more efficient. By streamlining workflows and making data more accessible, organizations can offer better service to their customers,” says George Amanatiadis, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Scrive.

As a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, Scrive helps businesses automate their agreement lifecycle with electronic signatures and identification. This cloud-based platform delivers a better customer experience while maintaining security and compliance.
“We are using our experience in the segment for the past 10+ years in order to be a digital transformation partner and guide our customers through the journey. We are involved in scoping, implementation, adoption, and maintenance of a variety of solutions, solving a wide variety of challenges for our customers,” states Amanatiadis.

“The experience and expertise on large-scale projects is equally important to the product itself as no system is worth its investment without adoption”

George Amanatiadis, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Scrive

Delivering Omnichannel Solutions

Customer experience is always a top priority for businesses, but it can be difficult to create a smooth, efficient customer journey that meets everyone’s needs. By tailoring solutions to better enable customer workflows, Scrive ensures a positive experience for all.

“From a product perspective, we offer e-signing and eID/IDV products and services. We have a variety of different solutions tailored to fit our customer’s workflows, increase overall efficiency in operations and improve Customer Experience. As an organization, or rather as a digital transformation partner, we offer solution engineering, project management, and adoption support, focusing heavily on ensuring our customer’s ROI. The experience and expertise on large-scale projects is equally important to the product itself as no system is worth its investment without adoption,” remarks Amanatiadis.

Prioritizing Customer Centricity

Scrive aspires to be the most customer-centric provider in the industry. Their customers are the focus of their business’s efforts since their needs and wants are always prioritized. “We work on being a trusted advisor for our customers. Instead of focusing on the product itself alone, we aim to assist in every aspect of the project, provide feedback and aid in ideation, and implementation, and ensure scalability. We also challenge our customers’ assumptions in order to help them avoid pitfalls that we have seen in digital transformation journeys in the past,” remarks Amanatiadis.

This also means that they hold their customer’s customers in high esteem. “We approach all projects with the end customer in mind, aiding in creating workflows that will dramatically improve the experience and make the interaction with the organization smoother and more secure,” adds Amanatiadis.

When embarking on a digital transformation project, it is essential to take a customer-centric approach and have a deep understanding of compliance requirements. By doing so, you lay the groundwork for a successful initiative.

“Once the project approach is set with well-informed requirements, technology can help to deliver an excellent customer experience, while making sure that all compliance requirements are met. Scrive in particular is able to offer an end-to-end customer onboarding experience, including KYC/AML options in several regions, that complies with regulatory requirements and delivers a smooth experience for the end customer,” concludes Amanatiadis.

Marria Qibtia Sikandar Nagra
Marria Qibtia Sikandar Nagra
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