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Fueling Baltic SMEs for Collaborative Growth, Sarp Demiray – CEO and Board Member at EM Bank

Don’t miss this eye opening conversation with Sarp Demiray, the visionary CEO of EMBank, an innovative player in the European banking sector that stands out for its commitment to underserved segments, particularly SMEs and fintech companies. Sarp, an experienced banker with a passion for digital innovation, discusses how EMBank’s approach – blending a startup mindset with banking expertise – uniquely positions it to address these neglected market niches.

Under his leadership, EMBank acts as a catalyst for growth and innovation, particularly in the Baltic region. His insights reveal a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in modern banking, emphasising the importance of digital solutions and strategic geographical positioning. In this interview you’ll learn how EM Bank is leveraging the skilled talent and supportive regulatory environment in the Baltics to expand its vision and how the Lithuanian market is ripe for financial innovation and growth.

As Sarp prepares to share his thought leadership at the upcoming Fintech Day in February, EM Bank’s vision of “banking for growth” resonates more than ever. This interview not only showcases the strategic insights of a seasoned banking leader but also highlights, the vibrancy and potential of the Lithuanian fintech scene, marking it as a hotbed for innovation and growth in Europe.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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