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Freepay Goes Deeper Into the World of Online Payments with Finaro Collaboration

Freepay has announced a collaboration with Finaro to strengthen its position in the Danish market as a payment provider (payment gateway). Through this collaboration, Freepay can now offer a broader solution within online payments on various technical platforms, both physically and online, where card payment is included.

This new relationship will increase opportunities for companies that do not yet have a solution partner in card payments, or are involved in complex technological solutions. Freepay will, in essence, become a total supplier within payment solutions and thereby helps companies find the right payment solution that provides profit on the bottom line.

Freepay is a payment gateway developed in Denmark for the Danish and international market by Freeway ApS, which is 100% Danish-owned. If customers need support, they are met by Danish specialists in IT and payment solutions.This comes in contrast to most of Freepay’s competitors, who are virtually all acquired by foreign companies, where their customers often meet foreign supporters in a pan-European context.

Nordic Payments

The new partnership between Finaro and Freepay illustrates the importance of a flexible acquirer in the Nordic payments market. As the payment landscape changes and continues to evolve, there is an increasing demand for innovation and scalability. This partnership opens new avenues for development for Finaro in conjunction with both Freepay and Freeway in the European markets. 

Achiya Fried, Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer at Finaro has said: “We are excited to be strengthening our payment footprint in the Nordics and to be working together with Freepay to enable both companies to grow. I am confident that this partnership will benefit our continued success in the Nordics as we expand our services across Europe and reach more merchants through our joint solution.”

“Looking into scalability and innovation, we have chosen to partner with FreePay (a part of Freeway Group) to provide international acquiring infrastructure, add new Visa and Mastercard products on the eCommerce gateway, and go further into changing the payment landscape with new unique products and services to challenge the market. As Finaro continues to grow in the Nordics we are excited about the opportunity to work with the team from Freepay, with brilliantly simple payment solutions,’’ says Ruben Nielsen, VP of Sales & Business Development – Nordics

About Finaro  

Finaro is a global cross-border payment provider and fully licensed bank empowering international commerce through brilliantly simple payments. Our passionate team, exceptional tech capabilities, product innovation, and customer-centric approach enables us to simplify complexity and create multidimensional solutions that generate growth and enable peace of mind for our merchants. To learn more, visit

About Freepay

Freepay is a payment gateway that has been around for more than 20 years. We developed it for our own companies in the Freeway Group, and for many years we have used Freepay as a payment gateway on popular sites such as,,, and We are so proud of our payment gateway that we now want to make it possible for everyone to get Freepay. For free.

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