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Fintechs to Watch

Leverages the crypto market to offer fixed interest rates on deposits

35 percent of Danes’ deposits in banks have negative interest rates. Iqomi is committing to doing something about that, and their tool is the crypto market.

Their model makes it easy for ordinary Danes, even those not otherwise familiar with crypto, to get a fixed return rate of between 3 to 8% on their assets – with dividends paid out directly on a weekly basis.

The legal work is done, the partnerships are in place, and the platform is being built. Iqomi expects to launch its solution later this year.

A digital bank adviser providing independent advice on personal finance

Many homeowners are wealthier than they realize – they just need to optimise savings and debt. is a digital solution that provides financial advice based on the client’s personal finances, giving homeowners the kind of overview that will enrichen them throughout their lives – and ultimately allow them to realize their dreams (hence the name).

The service is based on a freemium model, where advanced functions will, down the line, require users to pay for a subscription. does this to keep their advice independent.


Compliant bitcoin on-ramp for companies

Bitcoin has, like the rest of the crypto market, been something of a curiosity compared to the established financial markets, and something established businesses have largely steered clear of. One of the major obstacles is compliance, but the start-up Januar wants to bridge the gap between banking and crypto with a unified on-ramp for companies and institutional investors.

Januar wants to make it easy to add crypto activities to the corporate treasury in a compliant way. At the same time, they want to bank bitcoin businesses with IBAN and compliance.

The start-up has several Danish crypto veterans on its team – including former employees of Coinify and WeMoveCoins.


Turns deposit into a green investment

On one hand, enormous investments are needed in the impact area, if we are to reach the UN’s sustainability goals. On the other hand, vast sums are hibernating in the form of rental deposits. The start-up Picadon wants to combine these two issues into one solution.

With Picadon’s solution, rental deposits turn into a greener future for everyone, as tenants can invest their deposit in sustainable businesses and thereby earn a return while having a positive impact. Picadon is developed in Copenhagen by fintech geeks and creators with a passion for sustainability and with extensive knowledge of the finance sector.


A sharing economy platform for peer-to-peer lending

More than 1000 billion DKK are deposited in Danish accounts while other Danes pay a very high interest rate on their consumer loans.

Plata wants to democratize loaning in Denmark by making refinancing debt peer-to-peer easy and transparent.

This sharing economy service mediates contact between private parties and assists in credit rating. The transaction itself happens between loaner and recipient.


Makes onboarding customers easy

Onboarding customers is important for any company, but the amount of rules and requirements makes it particularly crucial in the financial sector.

The start-up HellowFlow introduces plug and play customer onboarding, which allows the onboarding of customers to take minutes instead of weeks – even without a large development team for assistance.

With digital onboarding the manual workflow is minimized and compliance tasks are automated.

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Sebastian Kjaer
Sebastian Kjaer
Sebastian is editor in chief of the Copenhagen Fintech Magazine. As partner and editor at TechSavvy Media he covers the Danish startup ecosystem on a daily basis