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Fintech Forum: Thinking like a startup, how central banks can foster innovation – Marine Krasovska

In this engaging interview at the Fintech Forum in Riga, we are joined by the visionary Marine Krasovska, Head of the Fintech Supervisory Authority at the Bank of Latvia. Marine discusses the thriving fintech environment in Riga and the significance of events like the Fintech Forum in fostering innovation and development within the financial sector. She highlights Latvia’s history of competence in finance and IT, contributing to the country’s growing fintech scene. Marine also emphasizes the importance of collaboration between policymakers, governmental institutions, and industry representatives to align on key industry goals and foster growth. She shares insights into the current state of the fintech market, noting its vast potential for expansion. Additionally, Marine talks about the Fintech Factor competition and the vibrant environment created for idea exchange and mutual support among participants. Her vision for a progressive, supportive regulatory environment shines through, showcasing her commitment to nurturing fintech innovation and growth. Tune in to the full interview to discover more about Marine Krasovska’s innovative approach to fintech regulation and the exciting developments in Latvia’s fintech sector.

NFM Publishing Team
NFM Publishing Team
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